Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cute IS a reason?

What do you mean I can't keep having more kids just because they are cute? It is time for the pitter patter of little feeties again. My kids are spaced at every two years and now the youngest is 2 in 2 days and they are SOOOOO CUUTTTEEE!!!!! People tell me I can't keep having them just because they are cute, but come on. They tell me think of college and food and yada yada yada. So maybe I'll marry a rich girl and then that won't be an issue. Or maybe I will slip up and play the lottery and win. Oh they are so gorgeous. You just want to squeeze them and nuzzle them and roll around with them and tickle them and kiss them all up. UUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!! Life is so unfair (Astaghfirallah). Why wasn't I given the ability to stay focused so that I could make enough money to allow me to stay at home and just love up on my kids? I need to win the lottery. If I could stay home and just take care of my kids. I wouldn't stop having them. Ya Allah I love my kids.

It is spring break and I have all of the kids with me. They will be with me for the week and it has been so great. Going to the park, today we are going to the zoo. Just being with them is so awesome. They are so funny. Working with them getting them to push themselves. Oh I love kids so much. Maybe I should become a elementary school teacher, but then they won't be my kids and people would look at me strange if I was caught squeezing on someone else kids and kissing them all up and loving them and stuff. Need a bigger house, maybe I will become a foster parent. Still though it feels weird. Loving on my kids is different. Their little voices are so distinctive, Mu'mina is very well spoken with a squeaky little voice when sleepy otherwise it is very confident and commanding, Niama is the little Sade voiced baby so cute, Ibrahim is just loud with his Man-belly. LOL. They are too much. I love them so. Just 5 more then I will stop I promise, unless they are just unbearably cute then I may have to take a second wife for a few more. Come on kids are so cute and when they are babies and all squirmy that's when I take them away and put on the sling and carry them, change diapers and bathe them and play with them and if I didn't have to work I'd get up in the middle of the night to soothe them and take them to the doctors in the morning while you ran off to work.

Anyway that is my kids rant for the year. Kids are cute and if I won the lottery or fell into an extremely lucrative business then that is just what I would do. Buy a huge house and fill it with kids. Assuming of course I could find someone to marry me again. LOL.

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  1. I think the kids are cute too, Muhammad....yours are gorgeous....