Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh God No!!!

I never thought I would be one of THOSE Muslims
The kind of Muslim that walks in late for Jumuaa
Or that never goes at all
One that sees the news at the destruction and carnage
And turn the blind eye of apathy
One who recognizes blessings and is slow to give thanks
One who hears the Athan and prays just before the next one comes in
I never thought it could be me never in a million years
Who is this person
This is not me, It cannot be, It will not be
I will not stand in the last of the rows
I will not betray my Lord, My God who causes the wind and rain
My Lord who gives me breath and handles all of my affairs
I will not be silenced or overcome with melancholy
I will not lose faith and acquiesce to the realm of complacency
I will move fisabellelah, I will speak with the voice of an atom bomb
I will live I will love I will do this life for my God
I will not lose my place, I will walk the thin line
I must, I must not become one of THOSE Muslims
Never, Never, Never
Not a single ‘nother day, Not a second or a moment
For each day is a gift, as well as each breath
Each moment is a chance to aspire to greatness in the smallest of things
I must, I must…Live

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