Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I've got a moment.

I knew that this would happen I would have soo much stuff to say that I wouldn't have time to organize it so I just wouldn't blog at all. I wanted to blog the other day but I spent too much time looking at the new Nikon D80 so I didn't blog. Well you know how it is you get back from your trip and life starts pouring in well that is exactly what happened. In great short order the following Monday I had an inspection where you get all duded up in your Coast Guard best and have some Commanding Officer ogle you on your ability to get dressed. After that I was told that I couldn't compete for the next pay grade because I was too inattentive on watch. Actually my ability to remain focused on a given task. So I was pretty bummed about that and have really been hard on myself because of it. My house mates got into a fight again and this time the divorce is final. She asked for a khul and now he's gone. He was going to stay until the end of the month but the drama ensued and my wife has kicked them out. He's gone but she's still here. She needs to go.

I'm sorry folks for the lag I made a commitment to blog and started slacking. My wife wants to buy this house way out in the country so she can take off her hijab in the backyard and relax. I don't know if the link will work for you but give it a try. It's actually not a bad deal. The agent was acting kind of flaky though I think that she is trying to secure the property herself. Our normal agent had to go back to work because she says that the market is bad. I think that she is on hard times. I pray for her, she's a good lady.

I'm very frustrated these days. I'm sore over losing $1200 over 30 minutes. That puts me behind in paying off my credit card which in turn is bringing down my credit score. It will be another two months before I can start to pay it down. Then we are being threatened that Donavan our foster child will be taken away from us and that $1200 a month right there. Here he is here.

So anyways I know I have to shave that hair of his, maybe tomorrow. I've been trying to take the kids to the park when I get home but today I just passed out and my wife took everyone to go and see that house. So now I have a little time to blog. They are still out and haven't come home yet. I've been doing a lot of reflecting on my life and basically I need to focus on the small mundane things that make up life. So many times I lose myself in the big picture that I never get started. So from now on I must make each moment count. This is all a big expansive thought and I haven't organized it yet in my head yet so we'll see how it all forms out.

I haven't been the type of father that I want to be and that will be one of the first things I will change. I wanted to start by taking the kids to the park everyday but today I just was too tired. Yesterday I was stuck at work and then stuck in traffic so I got home too late. I want to be a better father to my oldest daughter too but she just talks entirely too much so I skirt away from her but there is a laundry list of things that I want to do with her. I need to check her school work so I will probably go and do that now. I know my thoughts are all over the place because my world is hectic right now. My wife is bringing things into perspective a little. The house is clean again it was trashed before. I want to paint the walls and kick the sister out of my house but that isn't panning out like we planned. She needs to go she has no business sitting around feeling sorry for herself over a marriage that was doomed to begin with. I don't know why people lie to themselves about situations that just aren't working. However she needs to pull herself up by her bootstraps and get on down the road. I of course feel bad about kicking her out and she has paid half of Septembers rent and that helps but honestly she needs to go. It will help both her and us.

That crap has got to get out of my garage. Uggh! I haven't taken out the trash yet and it keeps reminding me to do so. I think tomorrow I'm not even going to come in just haul it out before I officially come home. The crap in the garage that I'm talking about is not the garbage that's in there too but there's furniture and other stuff that just has to go. Clothes we've got tons enough to start an army and my wife keeps threatening to get us all down to 2 weeks worth of outfits but honestly if we can just sort it all and box it up then maybe we can give it to a charity or something unless like most of my old stomping shirts they just need to be retired into rags or something.

The best picture at the park. Like I said we went to the park the other day and I took my little Nikon 950 and I took this picture.

I like it. She's a cutie and very photogenic. I tried to go on sunnipath.com and ask what was the ruling of displaying pictures, but their answers page was down. So I suppose I will have to look into reliance of the traveler or maybe I'll call brother Yusef. Well that's all for today I expect to plugin at least once a day from now on so I'll be seeing you. Also I think I lost the password on my audioblogger account so you may hear from me pretty soon too cause I got to get that fixed.

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