Sunday, August 27, 2006

I love this picture.

Ran across this off of Martin's site. Making my polygamy rounds for the evening. It is a rally that was held in Salt Lake City by children of polygamists. Now Mormon polygamy and Muslim polygamy are two totally different animals. In the Mormon strain family is inclusive and central, in the Muslim strain it appears to be an allowance left over from a preexisting culture where it was relegated by the desires of the man. Now polygamy exists in many different cultures for many different reasons. In the US I think that it should exist because families are more and more coming into the realization that Daycare centers are just not in a child's best interest. I think that family centered polygamy has more utility than Man's trophy centered polygamy as family centered polygamy helps everyone that is involved where as the other is only a strain on everyone involved.


  1. hmm, are you aware that a huge number of children who grew up Mormon polygamist familes and are now adults have now spoke out against their family's lifestyle. Interestingly enough many of those from SLC who most vocal against polygyny are the males.

    I don't think that the SLC polygamist can be a role model for Muslims at all. They generally like to put on "a good face" to the public when in reality they have a whole skeleton stuck in their collective closets.

    BTW, Warren Jeffs, their leader was capurted the other day....

  2. Yes apparently the lost boys get kicked out of the communities as they grow older so that the old geezers get the cream of the crop of the young girls. I can see why they are angry. There is good reason to be.

    In almost any family dynamic there is imperfection. I only had one Mom and Dad and my childhood wasn't perfect and I had scorn, but hey you grow old and get over it. There are times you remember were good and others not so good such is life.

    Skeleton filled closets can be found in almost any family dynamic.