Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Single Again!!! Unofficially Official

So yesterday came and went. I went to my meetup and it was great. The giant epiphany hit me that I have 36 months to get my life together or I will be out on the streets. 40 credits until my degree, or at least the first one. After that I think I will burn through my G.I. Bill. I'll get the BAH and everything so smooth. Need to focus on getting my feelers out there and I need to focus on getting things done. So often I take a wait and lets see approach. That approach apparently dragged this reality out as long as it did. If I would have stuck with my first decision to cut it when I found out the things that I did then I would have went through and really pushed for the process that I started almost a year ago.

Back to blogging it feels great. The silence about my dead relationship will remain respectable. There are some observations that I am going to make though that just need to be said. One Polygamy and whatever problems you go through in it is twofold. A state of mind and action based. The state of mind has to do with your perception of what is being done to you, and the actions are based in how you react to what is done to you and what is actually being done to you. There are three versions to every story person A's perspective, person B's perspective and the truth. Jumble them altogether and the result is kind of a wash. That is not to say that people aren't abusive in the things that they do, nor is it to say that people don't take things for granted. Those types of things happen. A relationship is a relationship whether it is a triangle or one on one, either way it can work depending on the mindset and the perceptions of the people involved.

Wow man it feels good to blog again. So check back the snippets of life that is life will roll off these lips and onto your screen. So stay tuned.

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