Monday, March 09, 2009


I've wanted to write something anything for sometime now and the truth is I just don't have anything to say. Really well I do but I usually don't talk about things like that. My photography business is starting to pick up, but the details are so thick that I can't even decipher it all into any intelligible data.

My kids are doing fine, still wishing that me and Mom would get back together. Mom... well we will see. They have fun when they are with me, but I know when things are still they think about the family that we used to be. I love them they are awesome. Little and so very cute. Insha Allah they will ease into what life will be. Mina is deceptively stable, her cheery personality often hides the troubled waters beneath her veiled exterior. She is affected the most. When she's not moving, smiling and playing in her moments of silence her concern shines through in her seemingly futile fight at keeping her family together through pleas to acquiesce the obvious. If it goes on I may have to push for therapy. I remember how traumatic it was when my parents got divorced. I just have to make every effort I can to be there for her and that is all I can do right now.

Niama is more obvious in her position as her middle child insecurities let them shine more blatantly and she is more direct in that she wants our family to stay together. How do you help children become more assertive. Being around them allows me to become more in tune with their little mood shifts and feelings.

Ibrahim doesn't like it, but he can't articulate that himself.

Me well I'm patient, whatever is decided that is what I will roll with and make the best out of it. I'm at peace and that is the most important thing.

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