Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Small Kindness

I met her this morning at sunrise which was awesome by the way and this was her last day in the states she is going back to Estonia, in fact she just emailed me because she checked her mail. I took this picture for her with my camera and I thought it came out rather well. I am seriously thinking of taking my little hobby to the next level. I have thousands of pictures way too many to count.

There was something simple about this morning an even exchange of human kindness. She was actually trying to video tape the sunrise on her little camera and I told her to hold the camera like that into the sun was going to burn out her sensor. Which it is probably actually toast now because she was holding it for much longer than a few minutes.

Innocent exchanges are priceless, moments of kindness never last so you can only recreate them with a different perfect stranger that you don't want anything from. Some homeless men asked me for the time which I gladly gave them, but I didn't ask them to pose. I suppose I haven't gotten that bold yet, but one day. I admire Still's work this guy is awesome I should have studied with him when we were stationed together. Oh well you live and you learn and then you must decide which moments mean the most. Especially the boring and mundane ones.

Go out and do some small kindness. It can be addictive. I have to clean my Mom's whole house and wash all of the sheets and yada yada, but hey it is what it is. It will be trashed again soon. LOL, but hey I love her so what she did it for me when I was small. Alhamdulillah.

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