Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Digital Frustration

There is nothing more irritating than finding out you are missing over 1000 ~ 2000 shots of stuff. I have been going through my pictures and sure enough I am missing about 2K shots of pictures that I took with my little Nikon E950 camera. My first foray into digital photography. All and all this little baby churned out over 10K shots. It missed a few choice shots as the auto focus would seek and search and the start up time would irritate me but all and all it did a great job of capturing awesome photos. I would still be using it if the battery door didn't break off and leave me having to find tape solutions to keep it closed.

I am so irritated about my shots that I have lost. Oh well it is all just stuff. I can't believe that I didn't have backups or maybe I did and accidentally deleted them. Oy Vay. This little camera took some awesome shots though I can't really say that I was disappointed with it. Still though I am irritated that my pictures are gone. You know how that is.

There were just some events that I missed and I wanted to go back and look at and then I was like hey wait a minute where are these pictures and those pictures and what about these and I was like OMG I am missing so many pictures. Uggh I will get over it.

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