Thursday, May 24, 2007


I finally made it around to Vena's blog. She hasn't put much on since I read her blog last. I don't know she is such an inspiration. When it comes to polygamy she makes it look so easy. Now don't get me wrong she has been through the wringer. How she came into polygamy is jacked up, but her attitude and poise through every situation she has been given is incredible. If you haven't read her blog I highly suggest you do. I don't know, but it seems that she handles every obstacle with grace and ease. When an avalanche of problems fall down the mountain on her and everyone else is running and screaming like mad she calmly side steps the calamity says Alhamdulillah and gently skips on her way. She's incredible. May Allah bless her, her family, her children and her marriage. Masha Allah.

<-- She's on the side over there give her a click.

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