Friday, May 25, 2007


As you all know that yesterday I went on and on about how much I love my wife and how I can't even think about anyone else. Well wouldn't you know that Shaytan is johnny on the point with what examples examples examples. So I get back to my apartment last night and I was extremely exhausted. I was so tired. So I prayed all of my prayers late, you know like "those" Muslims. Anyway I was falling asleep on the couch and finally got up and went to bed. I suppose that somewhere around fajr, had to be because I prayed that one late too and my alarm was off, which I don't know why there wasn't a need for it to be. Anyway I was sleeping and not one but like three scenarios of me being with someone other than my wife. One I can't remember at all the second one was foggy, and the third one I remember well. So I'm like damn this is why you have to keep your weaknesses under wraps.

The second one was one of those weird puzzle dreams where you go all over walking and walking and not get anywhere. The person that I was with I didn't have sex with, but I wooed her with a song or something. There were some other internals in that dream but it was a dream it is all mush now.

The third one I was having an affair with this lady and I had been given orders to shoot her. I don't know the dynamics but I think that she was a boss' wife or something. I painted my gun white and put it under my arm and I told her to go into this room and lay down on this white bed. First I was trying to figure out why she was selected to be shot. What did she do, who did she talk to etc. I wasn't going to do anything but something happened perhaps Fajr was going out and then it happened.

I was so groggy I vaguely remember waking up and then laying back down. I had completely forgot about fajr. I notice that this is when the dreams come. When it is close to fajr and you know you have to get up and pray. If you wake up that first time you are fine, but if you lay back down you get all of these weird dreams and stuff that entice you to stay asleep longer missing your salaat. This is what I think happened to me. So most probably I got all three of those dreams between the point I lifted my head up the first time and actually waking up. Aoothubillahi MinaShaytan Ir Rajeem. May Allah keep us strong and away from the Shaytan.

I have to run today and make my time a mile and a half in 13:36 the last time I was a minute off. The first time I ran it I was like 4 minutes off. Insha Allah I can do it today.

My pee is still riddled with protein. I have to go and see a nephrologist next week and they are going to test me for kidney failure. They are also going to test me for diabetes. Both my parents have type 2 so I hope I'm still negative. I don't want to have to deal with that but it may come down the pike seeing as how both my parents have it and it runs in my family. I thought it was mostly attributed to all that pork they ate. My wife though is usually pretty good at helping me manage my diet. So I should be ok.

I woke up and called wifee, but she was still sleeping. She drove all night last night to Chicago and usually she calls but this time she didn't I hope that she is ok. I will worry until I hear from her today. If something ever happened to her I wouldn't get married again. I couldn't do it. I love her so much, she's so cute. Anyways da da da da da da life goes on.

Oh yeah in the dreams I wasn't married to my sweet wifee I was single.


  1. drink more water!!!

    Aren't the dreams before fajr in fact called Roqya? It's where there is a sign in them for those who see. I'd look it up....I know that there is an article about this that I read recently....does the fact that the gun was white and u put it under ur arm mean anything to u?

    White is purity....and you protected it and kept it under ur "wing"?

    read up here...

    At least u weren't married in the dream......

  2. I read the post on dreams and I can tell you that I definitely think that this dream was Shaytani because it prevented me from waking up for fajr. There were other aspects of the dream like my member wasn't the usual 2.5 inches that it normally is it was much longer, unnaturally long I mean who needs more than 2.5 inches honestly. LOL.

    I wasn't disturbed by the dream, probably because I wasn't married in it to my beautiful wifee. However I broke a cardinal rule of never getting involved with a married person. The technique that I used was one that I currently use. I don't know if the all white room had any significance. The room was all white and the bed was all white and the girl was Arab/Spanish type of person, she had long dark thick hair. There was this great white light coming in through the window and the bed was small like a twin sized bed and it was in the corner to my right with the window next to it where a night stand would go and it was a tall window with those little squares that windows have for support. The curtains where this flowing chiffon type material. I couldn't see past the corner where the bed was into the rest of the room so I could only see maybe a third of the room where the bed was and the window.

    The way it happened was I walked up to her and she was talking to two people and I triangulated myself between her and them and showed her my gun and told her to come with me and not make a scene. She then politely excused herself and went with me. It seemed that we walked around the corner into a den like room where there would have been French doors separating the rooms. I took her straight to the bed and sat her down and then I started trying to figure out why she had be targeted for assassination. I took my twin white guns out and set them on the window ledge next to each other so that their sites were facing each other. So they would have looked like two opposing "L's" with their barrels pointing out of the window. That is when I started asking her what the hell was going on. Then the next thing that I know she was naked on top of the down comforter. Then I took out this unreasonably large member and began to engage in congress with her. Then I woke up and said crap I missed Fajr.

    So no I don't think that it was a Good dream in terms of the deen is concerned. The bad thing is that I think I'm headed for many more dreams like this being away from wifee which will definetely SUCK :-(.

  3. Hmmmm.....okay....well I'm reading that....and I really dont see any significance in the dream.....if anything I just see a lot of confusion.

    I wouldn't worry about it.....the shaytan loves to screw up the fajr prayer.

    This entire visit with my husband, I got him up everyday....and it was so hard. I was still "sick" and he was completely stubborn.

    One of the things I tell him constantly.....what is ur excuse? Imagine urself saying this excuse in front of Allah....can u say it? Can U? And if he, I can't see myself saying it...then I tell him..well....ur conscience is telling you that you are wrong GET UP! LOLOL!

    (still snickering over the unusually long...HAHAHAHAHAH!)

    About the Aqeeqa......from what I know...if you didn't do it on the 7th day, you should have done it on the 14, 21st....and if it's longer than that.....then do it when you can. But know this....this is an obligation on's part of the rights of the at least for now....make it ur intention that as soon as you are going to do this for the other children. At least with it being ur intention....Allah could accept that.

    My husband did his own Aqeeqa when he was 26 yrs old....he didn't know his parents hadn't made one.....I did mine with one told me that a new muslim should make an Aqeeqa....imagine that??

    Hope ur drinking water.....

  4. Assalamu Aleikum wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatuhu,

    Well, I definatley didn't read your comments and skimmed through your post until I read this:

    "I painted my gun white and put it under my arm and I told her to go into this room and lay down on this white bed. First I was trying to figure out why she was selected to be shot. What did she do, who did she talk to etc"

    Now, I am no dream interpreter, but I did study a bit of psychology. Actually, Abu Aminah Bilal Phillips wrote a book about dream interpretation where he describes most of our dreams as just working out our daily life.
    Actually, most psychologists say the same about most dreams.

    Anyways, the part of your post that I quoted seems sooooo obvious to me. The lady in white is your wife. She is pure (white) and your gun is white (your intentions). Although by pointing out to her your gun (your desires - to be polygynous) you are in essence killing her. AND YOU KNOW IT.

    Just my observation.

  5. I would have to disagree with you, because a) the girl didn't die she only got to have sex with me. And if it was my wife still I only had sex with the woman I love anyway.

    b)Furthermore my wife doesn't mind the whole polygamy thing and in some situations it would work rather well in our lives. If you remember before, the posts may have been deleted, we would have fully went through with it willingly if the other party didn't pull out. So it wasn't opportunity that led us off the polygamy track it was the Will of Allah I guess because the only thing that was separating us from it was possibly a road trip to go and collect her. So I think that you are wrong on that front.

    I think that it has more to play on the fact that I'm not with my wife and I'm horny and Shaytan saw an excellent opportunity to have me miss my Salaat thinking about all of the nookie that I'm currently not getting.

    Also Even Furthermore if you look at my other post Refocus it clearly states that I/we are out of the polygamy game, we came, we saw, we grew, we moved on. So wholly in part I think your interpretation is wrong, or at least mostly wrong.

    The lady could be my wife but there are other factors going on in our life that could explain the sequences that happened in that dream. For the most part it is conjecture and Muslims do better with facts, but it is curious though.

  6. oh, another thing it could be is that since you love your wife so much, it pained you to see her in the hospital all the time she was there (white robes, white bedsheets) and somehow you felt a little bad about it so you wish you could put her out of her pain (but the gun was white, so your intentions were pure).

    These are just my thoughts. NOT REAL INTERPRETATIONS.

    Actually, it is not correct for Muslims to talk about their bad dreams. We are not allowed to repeat them. It is a trick from Shaytan.

    Either way, if it was a "mundane dream" or a dream from Shaytan , don't dwell on it any more .

    Seriously, read Abu Aminah's book, it is short and sweet with duas to make before going to sleep.

  7. Salaams,

    Don't know nuthin bout the dreams... but have you tried eating blueberries to help with the blood sugar? Recommended to me, and it seems to have helped.

  8. "no one told me that a new muslim should make an Aqeeqa"

    salaams. yikes, i have never heard this one safa. did they give you the daleel on this?

    ma'a salaamah,