Monday, May 08, 2006

Today's Progress

Ok so here I am in the bank teller line trying to avoid bouncing checks.

So I start out well, I'm the loving husband and everything. So my wife goes
to a baby shower and my progress falls miserably by the wayside. I was in
the garage cleaning and making progress, but when she left I felt obligated
to come inside. This wouldn't be so bad if I came in and did something
positive with my kids. Instead I went on the net to and
chatted with sage for about an hour about what it is like and found that in
a healthy relationship it is pretty transparent. This information was a
godsend because I'm overly concerned about the stability of my family and
the happiness of my wife.

Then I did something that I always feel guilty about, I went on a
matrimonial site. This is kind of funny because I never stay long, at least
not long enough to become engrossed in the posts. I always feel guilty and
click out. I should feel guilty because this would be breaking our
agreement if I were to initiate a conversation or something. If it is
something that I really want to do (surf personals) then I should discuss
it with my wife. Anyway the agreement still stands she still holds the keys
to that door. I also think that she gets apprehensive at those kinds of
actions. I rationalize that her deciding is the best thing because I will
become hyperfocussed and do something stupid.

I'm out now running errands. In walmart picking up laundry soap. I want to
swing by Barnes and skim through this book.

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