Monday, May 22, 2006

Blogs in the stream

This blog entry was intended to start yesterday and would have been entitled Tantric Sex, then several things transpired and I was going to name it, Candidate reconsidered, then after talking about it with my wife, I was then going to name it Wow they just keep saying yes. So I suppose in this entry I probably need to touch on all of these areas. Unfortunately too many other things have transpired so I will have to talk about something completely different. LOL. Blogging is like dipping into a river that is strolling down stream you never know what juicy tidbits you are going to get.

Happiness is coming home to a beautiful wife, happy children and a clean house (just had throw that in there). I came home to all three today, and my wife was horny to boot. Bonus.

A peaceful surrender

From light twice burning bright

Two souls intertwine with fire

From water falling glistening through moonbeams

Through throes of their desire

A harkening of my lovers kiss

In her arms I feel enrapture

Though strong and powerful of my grasp

This moment is as fleeting as the sand

The world has lost its calling and lustre

It pales by her command

I must say that it is very hard to write poetry with active youngsters nipping at your heels. I have been rambling on beliefnet as I said earlier, but I think that it is time to retire that quest. Looking at it from an Islamic perspective there are too many things that can come back to haunt you on the Day of Judgement. You get sucked into proving your point that the dogma stinks to the highest heaven. It is a pointless quest even if you are correct, and if you are wrong you do nothing but cement yourself in your position until you are blinded. It is time to say goodbye.

I love my wife. She is very beautiful and intelligent I could not have asked for a more beautiful partner in all of my days. I asked her today if she was sure that she wanted to share me and she said yes. I don’t know if that day will ever come, but I know that I am happy now. The one sister that is in Colorado has a new love. I think that she is going way too fast. I reflect to my own time post divorce and all of the people that I was involved with and I just had to say stop because it seemed that with each relationship I was going further into a decadence that had I continued I would have become completely consumed by my desire. I see this sister in pain and reaching out for the human element that makes coping with problems so much easier. The man that she has now seems like a nice fellow but I think that he is a suffocating kind of soul. I think that she needs to just cool down and be alone for a while so that she can gather her thoughts, but I know that is a place that she will have to reach on her own. I can only pray that she doesn’t get mixed up in the wrong element in this period of transition. I remember that time it was a very painful time for me even though I was involved with other people. I suppose that we will see what happens. I hope the best for her and not just because she said that she would be a co-wife.

Tantric sex well it is what it is. It is a rush to come within inches of orgasm and hold off so that they build one on top of the next kind of like an orgasm tsunami. They are very nice. I spoke to my wife in passing about the concept and she said that she doesn’t know if she could take anymore as it stands. A flattering concept for any man to hear, but I actually think that she was serious. I think that many of us practice some Tantric techniques without knowing it.

Well these kids are off the chain this evening so I’m going to cut it short so that I can reign them in and get ready to go to bed.

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