Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gotta Blog

So a lot of things have been going on since I last blogged. One my wife and I have really come out of the closet so to speak on the issue; mostly my wife because primarily my interaction has been confined to the online community. Come to find out she has told quite a few people. I’m okay with that. We have our doors and we know what can come through them and what can’t. Anyway we don’t have the money right now. We don’t have the space either unless she was single or something. I can’t see it happening anytime soon. So we have ample time to iron out all of our expectations. I was talking to Sage on 4thefamily chat room and she said that they finally came down to whatever God gives them they are good with that. I don’t think that we are at a point like that right now.


My wife leaked out the fact that she would accept a second wife to a friend; her husband heard and said that I was so lucky. Then in a bizarre twist they both suggested that I take her as a second wife and my wife and I were like no the sister just doesn’t fit our family model. Ironically this couple is supposed to be staying with us for a while saving up for an apartment. I think that will be a big fitnah but we are doing it fisabeelillah (for the sake of God). I think that it will be interesting to say the least. Anyway we will soon see who our wife will be. The sister that my wife picked out is supposed to be going back to her husband for remarriage on the 20th. We were invited but I don’t think that we can make it. I have duty the next day starting at 0530 so I can’t go; I kind of wish that my wife would go though, but we can’t afford the gas right now. With this sister completely unavailable right now and off-limits I wonder if my wife will keep up her enthusiasm. I think that it would be apropos to talk to the sister any further about it after she remarries her husband. So at that point we would have no focal point for sister-wife. I wonder what we will do then; probably most likely just wait in limbo yet working towards our house that our sister-wife will move into. I think that Allah is guiding us towards that reality. I can only pray that my next wife is as awesome as the first. I just want them both at peace and tranquility with each other. My wife had mentioned another sister that could possibly use a good husband, but her children are off the chain, and wouldn’t work with what we want as our living arrangement. There is another sister that would work, she is definitely strong and independent, but the pain of her first marriage has her healing her wounds and I don’t believe that she would just submit for peace right now, maybe later on after her wounds have healed, who knows. When I say submit I don’t mean just let me walk on her because I’m not that kind of person, just that she refrain from certain actions out of mutual respect and nurturing. She’s younger and thinner than my wife which my wife says would cause her a complex. I don’t think so if the whole situation was about mutual love and respect and I kept my wife feeling like she was number one. Who knows though?


I wonder what we are going to do now that my wife’s intended second wife has fallen apart. Maybe we will just be together and keep making our marriage more wonderful by the day. I have to get into this ACET program so that I can get my degree so that when I get out I can get a job that will afford me the ability to take care of two families. Like I said that there are other sisters that my wife will consider, but none that fit the mold like that sister did. I know that Allah works in ways that we don’t expect and he brings people into our lives from directions that we never thought possible. I can only look forward to the future for a situation that will supply all of our needs and create a truly dynamic and happy family. A happy family is what is most important.


Getting out of the military has really got me nervous. I thought of becoming an electrician because I talked to one and I feel that it is honest work, I can do it and some of them make over $100K a year, depending on where we live that will more than cover the expenses. If I went that route I would want my own business. I could set up and work from home and everything.


Was chatting and someone had a real problem with her child and I thanked God for the problems I had with Child A. Just a not no matter what happens just be thankful for what you’ve got.


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