Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AsSufi Ibnuhu Waqtihi

The Sufi is the Son of his Moment.

Dreaming inevitably is the irresponsible putting off of what can be done immediately. So often it is heard when I, If I, When finally I, and all of such statements are the avoidance of the now. Now is the only thing that is owned by the Human being. Worrying about tomorrow or fretting over the past are all futilities in the essence of reality. What is real is what is happening with this breath. How you use this breath determines your destiny, for this breath is all that you have. All that you own. This smile, this morsel, this time, this moment spent with someone you love is all that will ever matter forever and ever. This prayer is the last prayer you will ever pray, not the next one for it is not afforded to you and not the last one for it may have not been perfect. Lose not hope and strive on for the race is not yet won or lost for one knows not what is around the bend, over the hill.

There is nothing wrong with planning or dreaming, but when plans or dreams take place of action and deeds then you have failed in faith at the most essential level. The result only leads to distress and despair and feelings of failure again and again. Think what can I resonably get done today and whatever that is make sure Allah is proud when you are finished, for all you have is this moment.

When you love, love completely and leave no left-overs. Do not hold back your love, give all of it and all of it will be returned to you. Forget what happened yesterday and do not look forward of what tomorrow holds because all that truly matters is now. If now is full of pain then that is a decision that you have to make. Patience isn't time healing the wounds patience is dealing with the pain of now. After now has passed then the only thing is a memory, if you return to it, it will still hurt. No matter how many times you come back to it, it will always be as vivid as before. Leave it and move forward and do not let your past destroy you. You will lose your faith because of the past and you will miss what is real in hopes for the future. Deal with the now and embrace it entirely then you will learn and your life will be full. Fill each day with beauty and you will be fulfilled.

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