Saturday, August 15, 2009


Why such a title? Well let's get into it. This is one of those posts that I had actually thought of long ago and didn't write down so the gist of what I wanted to say may get lost in the sauce, but hopefully it will just get condensed to what really matters.

So you are standing there with your lottery ticket in your hand, your lover is ready and waiting for you at the peak of anticipation, your 45 is cocked and pointed at your head and what do all of these things have in common? You can't say Bismillah before you do any of them and whatever happens after you cross over to the wrong side of that decision will curse you for the rest of your days. Well theoretically Allahu Alim.

The believer with knowledge of what is right and wrong is in a even worse position. There are no excuses that can be offered for what he is doing or about to do. When you have knowledge you come up with some pretty wild justifications to negate any sin. For example suicide, you really can't commit suicide there are things that you can do to attain it, such as going into a drug den and call 911, alone. Begging Allah to delete your existence, no harm no foul no heaven or hell just cross me off all lists, but that is impossible as well.

So you go on living life. I came up with this the other day. Sin is caused by one not being patient with the test that Allah has given them. Sin is how pain enters the world.

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