Friday, August 21, 2009

Death of Hope

There has been a culprit to all of this pain and the culprit's name has been hope. Today he has been taken outback and a bullet put through his head. So much for that. we can both be commended for our bravery. We can both be commeneded for our unwavering resolve and hopefully we can both be commended for going through with our divorce in the most amicable and respecful manner.

Hope is now dead and all of those people who said "girl you are not being unreasonable at all you stand your ground" can give their pats on the back and at-a-girls all day long. I can look in the mirror and commend myself for not losing self-respect or at least any more of it and tell myself YES I held my ground and I really showed her. However at the end of it we will both be divorced and we will have traded our self-respect and pride for our family.

What did it all boil down to? She demanded 3 things that to be truly proven would have taken longer than my Friday deadline to achieve. She wasn't going to budge and neither was I. It wasn't that she wasn't willing to move in and it wasn't that I wasn't willing to do the things she asked. However you want to word it. We were unable to meet each others ultimatums in the time allotted. So now we will be getting divorced on the earliest possible appointment.

That is how it is done. That is how you get a divorce. We won't bend so we broke.

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