Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Be comfortable with your patch of earth

In the process of dealing with severe emotional turmoil in your life the advice from those on the sidelines reads much like African - Americans commenting on a horror show. If I was in that situation I would... Inevitably advice from all around comes in on what you should or should not do and what you are or not justified in asking or doing. However one must ask is this a true opinion or is this a looking in the mirror. In the end the end result is entirely in your hands and at the end of the day you need to be completely satisfied with that result.

If everyone tells you to hold your ground while you are standing in front of a tank in tiananmen square or like Rachel Corey you stand in front of a tank in front of the villages only source of water against the Israeli tank then ultimately you need to be comfortable with the outcome of holding that ground. If you want to hold your ground and your result is being fired, killed or divorced then you need to be happy with that before you pick that piece of dirt and dig in.

I have been happy with my patch of dirt every since April 16th 2008. Hope is the only thing that has prolonged this situation, but my patch of dirt I have been happy with since then. Now the time has come to crap or get off the pot. A sunset to this drama and on with the rest of my life. We will see what happens on Friday.


Sin is how pain enters our world. It is caused by being impatient with God's plan to elevate our status in life. - MS

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