Friday, March 16, 2007


I was arm wrestling with one of the people in Petaluma and I hurt my arm something bad. I have been taking it easy but the pain is so intense it feels like I really tore something. So I will see exactly what it is. It was fine earlier but I started carrying my backpack around and I normally do it on my strong arm. So the pain has kicked in to let me know that is a no-no. My hands are shaking and everything..

Fight terrorism. Refuse to be afraid.

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  1. Okay...I'm going to skip the appropriate response of....Ohhhhhh....poor muffin......and just get right to the point....

    F U N N Y! LOL! So finally we get hit in the face with a piece of "old man over the hill" cake. LOL!!

    What were you doing arm wrestling anyways?