Saturday, March 31, 2007


Well I can see that my numbers have dwindled down to 6 loyal readers. Thanks for sticking with me through this rough time. It is almost over. Last Friday proved to be a very dissappointing time. The amnio didn't come back positive so wifee has to wait an extra two weeks in the hospital. She was devastated. She has been there almost three months and she is highly ready to go home. I wanted to do something really nice for her since I'm on leave now I chose to go and get our girls early. The lake house is almost completely finished, but I should be able to complete it with the girls here. I will take them to see wifee in the hospital, but 4 peeps in the room will be a bit much so we probably won't be able to stay. So I'm going to GA now. We are in SC now and we are making good time. Zainab is doing her lesson. She kinda got behind but she's catching up now. Well we're all done with our subway so it is back to the highway. I always get sleepy after I eat on the road. I will stop and rest if I have to.

There was a bad accident when we came down I may include that pic in this entry. I hope to get back to blogging everyday at least something so when I do it will be a new chapter in my life.

Blogging with my treo. Man I love this thing.


  1. 2 more weeks will fly....insha it seems that maybe in the end....your wife and I will be having our babies around the same time.

    I'm due to see the DR on the 15th....and I find out when I'm having the baby.

    May Allah be with ur wife...ameen.

  2. Asalamu Walaikum...Usually AFTER the rough patch, I can be thankful as there are other trials I would rather not be afflicted with...for instance ya'lls.

  3. May Allah make it easier on her. ameen! Dont worry about the readers. Some like me pop in here once in a while to check on you and your wife's progress. Hang in there.