Wednesday, March 21, 2007


So life is going rough. It appears that the doctors have given my wife some really bad news. They said that even though she will have the Amnio next week they still don't know if she will be able to get out of the hospital. So the deal is that my girls will have to stay at Dad's even longer. So my wifee is losing it. To top it off my eldest and my foster son are in the hospital this week making matters even worse. So (I'm saying so a lot aren't I) Oh well. I'm praying for my wife that she doesn't lose her whole entire mind. I think that everything will work itself out. I am banging this post out on my treo with my new keyboard and loving it. It actually works very well. There is just a lag when you stop typing and it goes into power save mode. So then you have to tap tap tap on the keys to get it to wake up. I tell you that I really like my treo. There are so much things that I can do with it. But I digress.

On the 30th we will see if the baby will come out soon or if she will have to wait. I hope you all pray for us. I'm hoping that the little fella as my daughter would put it is heavy enough to come home without a problem. The only problem is wifee has been there a month and she is completely sick of the food. So this is going to get experience. I apologize for not posting regularly. Soon I will be able to do so. So I will be talking to you later and hopefully I will have another word to use other than so.

Blogging with my treo. Man I love this thing.

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  1. I make dua for your wife regularly....considering that I'm almost as preggers as she is....I can really feel for her......

    It's hard on everyone right now....insha Allah, it's going to be back to normal again soon...