Tuesday, March 06, 2007


So my job is sending me to Petaluma. That's cool but we have a lot of stuff going on. I'll try to start posting now that I'm out here. Life has been moving at a frenetic pace. I only stop to sleep or visit with wifee. We are praying nothing happens while I'm gone.

My job is so stupid. They authorized a taxi cab from SFO to petaluma. A rental would have been cheaper, much cheaper. I can understand that they didn't want to spend all of that money so people can burn up gas but honestly they would only be saving a few pennies. It is going to cost them $225 both ways in cab fare, and yeah I could take a bus but I'm friggin tired so cabby gets paid. To think of it my taxi fare is more than my plane fare. I'm going to call my yeoman in the morning to tell him that it is ridiculous that rental cars are not authorized.

On the plane from Chicago there was a drunk in the seat behind me. He was full of love and conversation. In fact he did not shut up. The guy that was next to him was tired and wanted to go to sleep, but our friend just kept on talking. So we called the cops on him which delayed us an hour and we had to get more fuel. Now get this the flight attendant asked him if he was drunk but he said he wasn't. That was brilliant. "Excuse me sir are you hammered?" "Why hell no Ma'am I ain't toked." That was brilliant. Now this post is delayed because I don't have service out here. I'll go in to town later and post. I've been here for a week now so I'll update you as to where I am.

Wifee is doing good she misses me and I miss her so dearly. I thank all of you who have stopped by and paid her a visit or called on the phone. I really appreciate it. I would give out her room number but I wouldn't want to impose.

Petaluma is beautiful. It smells like methane because of all the cows, but you can get used to it. I'll try to post some pictures later. I plan on going out to Bodega bay later on this week. It is really nice out there. I would move out here in a heartbeat if it were financially viable.

The girls are adjusting at my Dad's place. They are always on the move. Seems that everytime I call them they are going or have been to some new place. Always taking Road trips.

My foster son and my eldest daughter I'm sorry to hear are cutting up. There are some spankings in order there. The eldest is too old for spankings so I'll have to get creative there. Maybe I'll make her rewrite the internet or something. I've told my wife that heads are going to roll. I don't know I think I'm starting to agree with my wife that the foster son is going to have to go. He's having problems that miraculously he doesn't have when I'm around. Oh well we shall see. I know we have to keep him at least until my wife goes back to work.

Well that's all for now maybe more later today.

Fight terrorism. Refuse to be afraid.

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  1. Making your oldest daughter rewrite the internet is brilliant! Wish I'd thought of that before....!!!