Wednesday, March 14, 2007


So for the last couple of days I've been riding around with my classmate Paul. Now Paul smokes like a chimney. I don't smoke at all. He's not the worst but he is a pack-a-day smoker and if you don't smoke and get stuck in a small car with a person that smokes that much man I can tell you that it is rough. It really sucks. I don't really understand how people can smoke at all. That smell is enough. It gets in your clothes and everything and man does it suck. Unfortunately though I suck it up and go along for the ride because my job didn't authorize a rental car for this trip. So I'm stuck with him or stuck on the Liberty Van. If I did the Van then I would get stuck out in town or wouldn't be able to go every where that I want to go. So I am subjected to the head spinning fumes of cigarettes. Not today though because he left me on base. We were supposed to go to Bodega bay today but he canceled. My lungs need a break. We are supposed to go now tomorrow, but I think that we may get too busy to make it out. We'll see, if so you will see some nice pictures tomorrow. Tonight I'm going into town to get some pictures of Petaluma. I like this town it is really cute. I remember I came here in the 90's and some guy tried to get me to go to the Crystal Ball (that's not the name, but I can't think of it right now) in San Francisco. Ah yes the Erotic Exotic Ball that's the name. Alhamdulillah I was married and I turned him down. I think he was either looking for a stud to bang his wife or some unsuspecting bloke that he and his gay friends were going to gang rape. Either way I said no thank God.

It is amazing all of the kinky propositions that come to you when you become committed. When you're single and lonely girls avoid you like the plague. When you're married girls are throwing their panties off of every balcony banister. LOL. Anyway none for me thanks.

Well the time is getting nigh for me to catch the liberty van into town so I'll close here. I'll try to come back and post, but when I get home things are going to be hectic again so I'll probably be sleeping and running around with my head cut off.

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