Saturday, April 01, 2006

Illegal immigrants

Ok so people are so-called complaining about the illegal immigrants that come into this country and the fact that they have actually had the audacity to protest unfair treatment. I feel that either we as Americans shut up or face the capitalistic fact that illegal immigrants aren't going anywhere anytime soon, because of the sheer economic repercussions that would deny the ridiculously wealthy their over exaggerated profits. If we have learned nothing we should know that wealthy persons in this country are not about to relinquish their profits for such things as doing the right thing. That would be immoral. So the illegal immigrants are going to stay. They have always been here and they will continue to do so, it is just a fact of life. Now as poor Americans what one should do is lobby to have the employers of said persons fork over cost of living taxes to keep them in this country. That however would undoubtedly trickle down to the rest of us that pay taxes. I think we just have to be realistic about the whole situation.

On the tax thing and social programs in particular I feel that the poor people take care of each other and the wealthy don’t contribute anything into the system. Then they have the audacity to complain that we aren’t pulling our weight when the projections of the system failing become apparent. It is not failing they just aren’t paying their money. I can guarantee you that if the Rockefeller family types paid their taxes by themselves then there would not be a need for anyone else in America to pay taxes including illegal immigrants. If they paid and the rest of us paid then there wouldn’t be a need for health insurance for basic healthcare at all.

In Islam there is a thing called Zakat where 2.5% of a person’s un-circulated wealth is taxed. It is not an oppressive amount everyone can afford it and if paid everyone would have all of their needs met. It is just simply oppressive to have to pay 33% or 50% of your earnings in taxes. That is ridiculous, simply just ridiculous. So for all those people who think that Islam is oppressive should ask themselves what is better 33% or more or 2.5% across the board for everyone rich or poor?

Well that’s my rant. Actually there is a P.S. Since we know that illegal immigrants will always be with us as they are a part of an intricate economic network, what is this nonsense about terrorist. If you are not worried about one group of people pouring into the country then what the hell gives you the right to worry about another if nothing other than to buttress a false fear of Islam and self-righteously validate killing hundreds of women and children and scores of other innocent persons. Americans are such hypocrites when it comes to many of these issues. WTF over. The sad thing is that the average American has no idea that they are being manipulated like a pawn for the bidding of the corporate elite. Wake up America and think for yourself.

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