Saturday, April 15, 2006

Finished Lives of Man

Subhannallah! That was an excellent book. I cried again reading it. May Allah Subhannahu Wa T’ala save us from the torment of the Fire and grant us Jannah. The delights of paradise are so numerous that one cannot comprehend. The tortures of the hellfire are so numerous and horrible that one cannot begin to fathom the intensity, but to reflect on the intricate detail that is laid out in the Quran and the hadith one must really think that yes it is really that bad. For the people who believe in Allah Subhannahu Wa T’ala and must go to the Hellfire it will be a torture for them may Allah Subhannahu Wa T’ala shorten it for them. For the others the door is closed when the last of those leave and they will not be heard from again. Subhannallah I seek refuge from being amongst those or even coming close to those people.

I had thought to remove myself from the world and move to Montana somewhere where I could live and only come into contact with humans in very limited transactions so that I may devote myself to prayer and fasting, and ensuring myself that I would not harm another human being by my words and actions. Surely such a path is a good path, but it is not the Sunnah of the Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him. I don’t know if there would ever come after me any rewards that I would receive other than what I prayed so if my prayer was somehow deficient then all my deeds would be lost and I would not have any other deeds to help me. In reading this my issues with Child A seem small and trivial in reference to achieving a high station on the Day of Judgement. In fact I began to reflect that we are not Prophets and Messengers on the Earth, but we are parents and our children would be our Ummah. For some the Ummah loves them and they love them. For others the Ummah hates them and they hate their Ummah. Some parents are remembered with reverence, and others are forgotten. For a parent’s Ummah to benefit them they must remember them in their prayers. I reflect on my Grandfather and I fall into sorrow because I did not give him the Dawah of Islam. I fear that he was a good man and a Godly man, but he died on the Deen of his slavemasters. So I worry for him because of Allah’s saying that He forgives not that He should be joined in worship with anything else. I cannot pray for him so that his good deeds extend beyond his graveyard years. I had wished that he would have taken the Shahada. Then I would have been able to increase his blessing on the Day of Retribution. I can only pray that my parents take the Shahada so that myself and my grandchildren can pray for them and they can have their good deeds increased on that horrible day.

My Relief is here so I must go.

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