Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Ok my wife wants to go to Yemen to study which I very much want her to do. However her girlfriend that she wants to go with is leaving early in the middle of my kids summer vacation. Now I have taken the entire month of July off in anticipation of their coming and we are supposed to do the whole theme parks and other sundry adventures however this development is going to put a snare in that whole aspect. I only get two months a year with my kids and I would hate to disappoint them. I really had big plans for this summer. So now I am faced with a dilemma do I readjust my leave to accommodate taking my wife over to Yemen for a month or do I have her call the whole thing off? There are obvious benefits for my wife and family going to Yemen. Primarily they will be exposed to instant immersion Arabic an outstanding learning model. My wife will be exposed to the scholars of Islam second. They will already be in the area when Hajj rolls around third. So those are the positives. On the negative side she will be in an environment that doesn’t allow for free mobility of women. She will be there with our 2 small children. She doesn’t know the language and an assortment of other things such as medical care and other things etcetera.

I can only pray that I am making the right decision in this. I really want her to go and become more knowledgeable of Islam however I don’t want anything bad happening to them while I am halfway around the world financially strapped and restricted by my job. I am hoping that I will be able to come to some kind of peace of mind about the issue.

She is thinking of not going. I encourage her to go though. I think that it would be an excellent opportunity. We are very stressed about it because it places a lot of plans in turmoil and we don’t even have all of the money yet. She has just started a new Job and she will have the money in a couple of weeks, but it still places all of our other plans up into the air.

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