Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I love my wife.

My wife is awesome. So I broke down and told my wife about my watching Big Love and the feelings that I was having afterward. She was very cool. She didn't freak out and become all feverish. She calmly told me that she would just ask which one of us are leaving the house and where she would pick up her child support check. I of course didn't like to know that my marriage would end so abruptly, but her words gave me a deep respect for her.

We discussed the show because her close girlfriend watches it constantly and has laid on all of the details of each episode. We then shared our views on the show. We also revisit the one sister that she said that she would mind as a co-wife. She then divulges to me the true reason that the sister didn't go ahead with the union. At the time of the request we were living in a two bedroom apartment and the sister didn't want to impose or be a financial burden. My wife's contact information for her was destroyed when her phone got damaged. She likes the sister in a spiritual way and says that if circumstances present themself she may again coerce the sister to become a co-wife.

Her statements made me very proud. Now mind you I am not scouring the internet matrimonials to find any likely candidates. Nor am I having lengthy discussions with any women that I may chance upon. It is the knowledge of the possibility that puts me at ease. It is enough for me that my wife would think of the arrangement in a favorable way. I remember when she first told me that she would ask the sister. I got very nervous and wondered spiritually if I would be able to manage it. For the fantasy side of the aspect is one thing, but the reality side is something entirely different.

We then discussed what things would be acceptable and what wouldn't be acceptable, and we imagined about living arrangements and a whole assortment of things. I suppose that if the situation were to ever present itself in reality we would work it all out. My respect for my wife is now so much deeper. I really love my wife and wouldn't change her for the world. Regardless of who comes calling as a second wife.

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