Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finding My Voice

I'm evolving and turning, growing and coming to the fore. Realizing that life is about giving more than receiving. That I own nothing and owe everything. At this point I am working hard to stay present. I find it strange that it is a conscience effort to remain engaged in small things such as conversations, tasks and other events. To remain involved in the moment that is happening now and not think about the outcome later. I know many people plan for the outcomes in their lives and work hard at it, however I realize that if that were something I would do it would mean that I would live a lifetime in a planned tomorrow and not accomplish anything today.

My photography I want to say something. I want it to change the way the world looks at things. I was talking to a homeless person last night. Katie, her story was that she had abusive parents both mother and father and she was stifled in growth. She felt oppressed so she left and ran away. She hooked up with someone else who wasn't going anywhere and now she's pregnant. In two months she will have the baby. Katie is 19 years old. Her story has inspired me to make a photobook "Are you really homeless" that will explore the stories of several homeless persons in and around my circle of influence and then try to get it published. Of course I can publish it myself but I would like to get it out there. Actually I may have to publish it myself, but I feel I need to do it in order to get in touch with myself and become more human. We have a tendency to be antiseptic when it comes to people. Strangers, when we observe them as a group everyone seems so fearfully disconnected, we don't want to be bothered or played. I find it very curious, perhaps I will make more of an effort to connect with the Strangers that I meet, after all Islam was the stranger and it proved to be a blessing to the world.

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