Friday, October 28, 2011

The Ex-factor

So my Ex took back the kids right. Now she plans to move out and live with me. So she first approached me and said that she would like to have me take the kids over winter break so that she could find a new place in Philly or Illinois, then it was can I move in until I find a place and now it is can I stay there for two years while I save up money to go to school. Smile.

So I ask myself how feasible is this really. I live in a one room apartment. We have our history and we will essentially be living separate lives because I'm on course to become married with two beautiful women. Now my ex wants to come and she has plans to go to school and fly "Home" her words every other weekend. Now in women speak what does that really mean? Can I get someone who speaks woman to chime in and translate? So I tell her that the door to reconciliation is closed and is absolutely not going to happen. I'm sure she'll be half naked most of the time, but that door is closed. Smile.

So I've told her hey you can come, but I'm getting married so stay as you will. How did she interpret it, How would you interpret it? Maybe I should say no, but I suppose she took the kids back so that she may have that option, had I had the kids I would have told her absolutely not. I miss my kids, but I suppose that I''m going to have to put my foot down about her jerking my life around by holding my kids by their necks. Well we will see what I decide to do. I'm really just too laid back. Hmmm I have to think about this some more.

It is too bad that I know her, but I pray that she will be well soon.

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