Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Really at peace

The ultimate end of this whole situation is boiling down. If it ends without her I will give you a very brief summary of what happened leaving out massive details, if it ends with her then this blog will probably end. I know what I want to do, but I am fine either way. However it ends I am prepared to move on. I feel like pushing it off the edge just to get it over with. It needs to be over with and I wonder am I being patient or just not assertive and I suppose there are times where being assertive or waiting and seeing what is going to happen have their place. I would like to just get it over with one way or another. I believe that I know how it is going to end, but I am just waiting to see. I am looking at this current time kind of sort of like watching a movie I have already seen, but I sit patiently so that the other person can enjoy the full effect of my surprise. The only way that I will be surprised is if we are watching the directors cut alternate ending without me knowing.

I am at peace though I have me and my Rabb and that is all that I need. helps too. A lot in fact. Stay tuned this cliff hanger will be over soon.

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