Thursday, February 05, 2009

Necessary Silence

As the dust begins to settle on this entirely jacked up situation I see a necessary need to keep a lid on progress and movements between Sakinah and I. Everything disturbs the water. Every breath, every word. Not to mention the Shayateen out there hanging on every word. It can end or go forward it is all within a state of mind. A test that I must go through, with patience and perseverance I know that my reality is pallatable. Today is a test and so is tomorrow a constant honing and shaping a better Muslim that is to be me. A more forgiving Muslim, A more patient Muslim, a Muslim imbued with more wisdom.

The immense nature of dependency on Allah that I have rolled into since on this journey has helped me immeasurably. My focus, my prayer, my worldview has really come about in this period of solitude. My mental state sometimes gets obscured, but all and all my hold onto the Rope is firm.

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