Thursday, April 24, 2008


You have to look at hypocrisy. It is something that is probably the most effective weapon against doing good. Because if you are a hypocrite then you feel that you can't speak at all about a subject. However this should not be the case. Everyone has something to contribute and your wisdom is valid, your character may be called into question and who wants that. However I think that it is the most valuable tool in Shaytan's arsenal. I'm not talking about hardcore hypocrisy though, the wolf in sheep's clothing type, but the subtle type that we all do.

The alcoholic can tell you first hand that alcoholism is not a good thing, but they may not be able to stop. The banker may be able to tell you all the wise investments but he himself is broke. You get the picture. The important thing is that we speak out on our issues and experiences regardless of how they may expose our character.

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