Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Silence isn't always golden
Sometimes Silence brings Pain
Like when all the sweat and tears
Are washed away by rain

Sometimes daylight is forsaken
By clouds from behind
Showing the lack of laughter
The children left behind

A crowd isn't always company
Only a manifestation of just One
Empty smile after another
Erased by the sun

Mistakes are made and then forgave
Like shifting of the sand
Left with the reality of watching,
Loyalties disband

Dark and light and Dark again
Who cares it's all amiss
Silence comes and steals
the difference of bliss

The sun is shining a bright new day
But silence claimed the light
Futility is all remains
for now the day is Night

Drop, Drop, drop the rain begins
No there is silence in sound
It echoes all around us
with no trace of its pound

No shuffle, No splat, no clickety clack
Of trains upon a rail
We all move on noisily
but silence still prevails

Open, close, open, close
the senselessness of mouths
They have said nothing
No spark have they aroused

The masses are forsaken
from silence and its wiles
No retreat or return to peaceful Noise
which brings the truest smiles


  1. As you can guess life has kicked me in the teeth or rather I have filled a pot over my head and am now acting surprised that it has fallen over and ruined my new suit. Men don't take pain well, I don't think we ever have. At least I know I don't, not emotional pain at least. I have screwed up and now Shaytan is coming in for the kill. Bastard, Alhamdulillah I have realized this and I know what I need to do and that is not get depressed and stay focused on my goals as the leader of my family.

    When he has you pinned down you really have to be at the top of your mental game cause that is when he smells blood. What self-defeatist thing you normally do you must kick to the curb and pull a stiff upper lip and stay on task. Cause he smells blood and that is when most people give up at the 11:59:58 mark. You just have 2 seconds to go and you are home free.

    Well we will see how successful I am after this. I have learned my lesson though, and I know I won't be doing that again.

    Yeah I mean to be Obtuse.

  2. Asalamalaykom,

    Whatever has happened, is no longer. I'm sorry for the pain, but you will surely gain for framing that moment within the context of being the slave of Allah.

    Your words, both in the poem and in your postscript, are meaningful to me today. I appreciate your sharing. Thank you for being you. Even if you've been awful (which it sounds like you have been), you are still valuable as a person. Your value just echoes through your words and reaches to where I am.

    May Allah protect you, and your wife, and children. May you make slow steps towards good and stop making quick leaps towards bad. May those who love you remember to forgive you. May this lesson be truly learned and not needlessly repeated. May you turn to The Creator and Sustainer for comfort and not to a blog audience, friends, or companions. And, at the end of your life, may you have done more good than bad and reach Jenna.


  3. Shukran, Wa Jazakumullahi Wa Barakatuhu