Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mom what were you thinking?

I've always known my Mom not to have any problems with polygamy, but tonight was mildly uncomfortable whilst on the phone with her discussing my children's possibility of risk for diabetes, she suggested that I take my ex-wife for a co-wife was more than awkward. I know that my Mom really isn't concerned so much with the relationship aspect as she is of keeping all of her children and grandchildren close by. She is really only concerned about the children having their father in their lives more so than my marital-communal bliss. It however was very weird and when I thought about it, it became even more unnerving. I don't hate my ex-wife (I used to make myself hate her), but I don't think I could take her back as a wife either. There are way too many emotions and issues there that really weren't resolved and so it was just tied off and left, and we learned to accept that.

I couldn't do it anyway as it would be totally unfair as I said before, because I'm head over heels in love with my wifee. So I just sat there on the phone feeling kind of oogee at the suggestion. I feel safe that my Mom wouldn't bring such nonsense up to my ex-wife though, but still it felt strange. A close friend of my Mom's son has two wives so she may have delusions of grandeur. So I urge Sakinah to be quiet, cause I know my Mom and she would probably bring home some poor puppy dog girl (religiously sound of course) and ask me to pop out some more grandkids.


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