Friday, June 29, 2007


I have been questioned about my ticker that states that I will be leaving in 2 days now, well that isn't entirely true. First of all I put that on there when I just found out that I was going and they just gave me a blank date. Now my date is more firm but one thing is standing in the balance and that is my Nephrology exam. It was found that I have protien in my urine and I said that earlier so now I am being tested for protienura. I have to be certified well before I can go across the water or at least identify what medications that I will need. So I'm being tested for this protien thing. The only good thing about it is that I get to go to civilian doctors because the military ones were full. I really don't know what it means to have protienura. It has never come up in any tests before. The doctor said that the only way to be 100% sure is to have a biopsy. I don't know if I'm all that ready to go under the knife but it is getting to the point that I have to know something.

If it comes back that I have some serious disease then I will have to stay and the Guard will have to shove me somewhere. That would be a bad thing because we are totally not prepared for that. So now I'm in the hospital about to undergo all of these tests. I had to fast the night before so I'm hungry. I had to drive over two hours on my bike to get here so my butt hurts, but Insha Allah everything will be alright.

I didn't cut my hair yesterday so I have helmet hair now. Wow I didn't know how having dial-up quickly weans one away from netsurfing. I have had high speed since I started surfing the net and to go without it is a noticable difference. I can't stand dial-up.

Oh yeah the short and skinny on when I will be leaving is that I don't know. Sorry.

Blogging with my treo. Man I love this thing.


  1. I hope that your test results are good and no biopsy is required. Don't know whether to say hope to get deployed or moved around here... Keep us posted.

  2. SubhanAllah!!

    I know you've probably wondered at the miracles that surround us daily.....but the thought that maybe something is wrong and THIS is how you are going to find out?? SubhanAllah!

    Insha Allah, nothing will be too difficult for you all to deal with.

    I'm dying to hear a post about the new baby!! So close in age to my own...I keep popping over here hoping to see pics, or to hear about his first smile......GIVE US SOMETHING!!

    May Allah protect ur son and make him among the muslims who walk the siratul-mustaqeem! Ameen! (behind my own son, of course..!!LOLOLOL!!! J/K)

  3. Funny girl. I will post some pics later, but you know the whole experience is different from the passengers side. We have different perspectives and sometimes even sleep through the best parts of the trip.

  4. Ahhhhhh....than you for reminding me that this blog is DEFINATELY from a man's perspective....sometimes I just forget.....