Sunday, June 17, 2007

A change a comin

As you know I have been at the Shuhba with Sheik Nuh and I can say that it has changed my life. I will be changing my blog a bit. I will be removing my sexually charged posts and going traditional I will still be brutally honest at times I don't thing that I will leave that aspect about my blog, but I will stick to topics that make you think, hopefully that might uplift your Deen and hopefully I will share some wisdom.

I know that I have been here before. I have said that I was going to change, but I didn't change anything about me, so I didn't change. Now I will change the things about myself that need to be changed in hopes that Allah will change me. The thing is folks I have always known where I am supposed to be I just never acted the part. Playing the part of the millionaire hanging out with paupers (not insinuating that any of you are paupers, but acting in a way that did not suite my station or the station that I had once achieved. The Prophet Sallah Allahu Alayhe Wa Sallam said that your Deen goes up and down the thing is that when I wanted to go back up the last time I wanted to take it easy and implement things back that I used to do little by little, however that is not how it must be done, when you have knowledge you are responsible for that knowledge and you can't feign ignorance and take it easy and smooze your way back to excellence. It doesn't work that way I don't think. When you want to change you have to go cold turkey and do what you know is right. So I'll be removing a bunch of posts. If you really must have them Google has some sort of archived site thing that you can use, but the raunchy stuff will be gone. If I happen to forget anything I'm sure that some of you will remind me.

This change will be hard, Insha Allah it will not seem so.

The Sheik said last night that Pop Music was Haram so I deleted it all off of my MP3 player except my nasheeds cause he said that they were halal. I can only speak for myself, and work for changes in myself, but I realize that I am also responsible for my family and the situation as it stands creates a Fitnah cause I have been so slack for so long, and really its only been like the last three years, but I have to make a u-turn in my family. I have to crawl ou7t of that pit, before I was afraid of the journey out of the pit but now I'm not so scared. I'm looking forward to the climb. My only fear is the fear that I have always had in terms of changing my Deen is financial stability so please make dua for me that wealth plentifulness or lack there of comes easy for my heart to handle. Without this fitnah I believe that I can be the Muslim that I want to be Insha Allah..
Blogging with my treo. Man I love this thing.

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  1. Good to hear that you are committed to changing. May Allah make your way easier, Ameen.