Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Death of Haiku

Ok I've been doing the one word post Haiku thing for sometime now, but now it is time for it to go by the wayside. Ok I'm sorry about the BB post. I got some weird comments off of that one. I'll keep it in the pocket. Besides girls don't want to hear about that stuff anyhowz. So I apologize I must have been in the moment. Yeah... I was, but I didn't go there and that is all that is important.

Now is coming close to me leaving and I have to save up all of my resolve for the long fast. Shaytan is busy I feel him brewing in the background. Several situations have come up that make you go "Oh I see this coming". One I broke a rule by letting out my "condition" on my blog which I told my wife I would not do because she kind of wants to keep me in my own little cell on the web which is fine there is much much more I can talk about. Like the stuff that Tariq talks about which is far more interesting than stuff like sex on a consistent basis. I didn't feel that the whole post was about sex just the opening part the rest of it wasn't, but anyways I'll be closing that door. Then I was starting think like when I go away do I really want to be churning those feelings up between us? Sure it will keep us focused on each other but that frustration gets well frustrating. So I don't know.

Training is finished I have one more class to go to before its splitsville. I'm back at my unit and what do you know the Yeoman didn't charge my leave from the last time I went on leave Woohoo! So yes I'm taking it all. I go on leave again on Monday so this is my last week yeah. I've been killing the gym. Did Sunday and Monday so far this week. Doing an hour on the elliptical until I'm dripping with sweat. Looking to get down to 215 before I leave. Not doing bad I was 236 I'm down to 220 now. I still need to drink more water.

Well I'm at work so I gotta go, but I had to post to get that BB post from the top of the list.


  1. go for a 4 day meat and egg fast for those last 5 lbs....they'll melt off! Your family is going to be missing you big time!

    How long till you come back?

  2. No I'm just going to keep on my workout schedule. I'm doing an hour and dropping good sweat. I think if I just eat right and keep excersizing like I'm going crazy I will meet it. I'll probably drop to 190 once I get in country, just because it is so hot. Then I'll really have to drink water.

    I will miss them too. I'll be gone a year. Wifee hopefully will stay with my dad so she won't be alone.