Saturday, August 06, 2011

Falling in Love

I have reached the point where my love has been opened. It is fragile but fully committed. I have fallen in Love with the sister however I am in a dilemma, when I told her that I would not have a problem not thinking about polygamy I lied. It shows in our conversations in that I bring up scenarios all too often. She has stated that she will have no parts of polygamy. So if I marry her then I know where I will stand. I will be here on my blog trying to get through each day's polygamous urges.

You would think that I am creating all too much drama for myself by thinking up polygamous scenarios. Although I'm not now. I'm not thinking of anyone or anything I just feel that it is something that is deep in me. Or maybe I create too much drama for myself and I can't just exist in life and enjoy each moment as they come.

That is not the problem though. My current problem is that I'm in love with her and I'm a polygamist. Kind of like a wolf and a rabbit relationship. Moths and flames. I know that I don't want to experience that pain again. If I break the relationship right now it will hurt like hell. I look forward to her call everyday. I long to talk to her now. If I were with her I would love her touch and her glance. I'm in too deep I surrendered a long time ago and I have just fallen off the edge. The way that I see it my only solution is total silence. Total and complete silence about the issue. I know it will not go away, but maybe I can manage it all. Insha Allah.

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