Saturday, January 26, 2008

United 93 was a scam.

I've always thought from the beginning that 9/11 was a farce of smoke and mirrors. Both the pentagon footage and the flight 93 footage confirm my suspicions. There is no way a 100 ft plane is going to leave a 20' x 10' hole in the ground. That is scientifically impossible. Period. It was all a ploy for the patriot act which strips Americans of all of their rights and gives complete power to the government IF anything else were to happen.


  1. I've talked to the physicist at our uni about 9/11. He is not an American and doesn't have a vested interest. He says that ABSOLUTELY those buildings and that damage at the Pentagon could have been caused by the jets.

    I think the Patriot Act is heinous but I think these conspiracy theories are waaaaay off.

    Salaam Alaikum,

  2. I'm going to have to disagree with you there PM. The Pentagon I could possibly concede to although I find it highly suspicious that the world's most traffic cammed place and ultra security only saw fit to cough up one shady videotape. Google traffic cams in DC and see what you come up with they are all over the place. However I could possibly concede to it cause I know of someone who was in the building that day and I'm not going to call her a liar, although she did say that there was some shady stuff going on that day.

    The flight 93 crash though I do not accept one bit. There is no way a 100+ foot plane evaporated into a 20 X 10 hole. That is quite impossible. There was no debris. I'm sorry the turbines have copious amounts of titanium in them. even if all of the aluminum vaporized the titanium would still be there. No sista I ain't buying that one for all the bread in Paris.

    The twin towers yes planes did actually hit the building. However three steel frame buildings one of which wasn't even hit by a plane all falling down at free fall speed No, No, No that isn't a real effect. I will post the testimony of William Rodriguez the senior janitor in the building who explains the basement explosion prior to the first plane hitting the building. There are countless other first hand accounts of explosions as well. So that doesn't really wash.

    Keep in mind the Patriot Act is Check Mate for the American people. If ANYTHING happens between now and election day George W. Bush is the de facto King of America. If nothing happens between now and then, my best guess is that Obama will win the election with Hillary as the VP. I don't think that Obama is in the club. I think they will whack him and claim it on domestic terrorist at which time they will have or create scuffles with PATRIOTIC white Americans (The nations largest gun owning population) and declare martial law blaming these same Americans for domestic terrorism and take evasive action to relieve the nation of it's weapons and then it is game over pretty much. I don't really think they have everything in place just yet, but I am sure they are damned close.

    Yeah blowing up some planes and killing a few people to start a war really isn't a significant motive even though Trillions of dollars are being made, However reducing America to a most efficient dictatorship IS a excellent Motive.