Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Hi thanks for visiting hotel Guantanamo. No you can't have an extra blanket. No you can't have hip new drinks. No you can't have fun. You can complain, but our complaint department is closed until some undisclosed time in the far distant future. Get bent and have a nice day.

So you have to wonder when you keep someone for four years in really sucky conditions how they are going to feel. The danger is many of these people are highly intelligent, and when you get highly intelligent people really pissed I would suppose you could come up with some pretty imaginative reprocussions. So here we are letting out highly pissed off intelligent people. Now you have to think that Saddam Hussein, Adolph Hitler and other butchers have learned is that these are the people that you kill off.

I know that this sounds dark, mean and utterly sadistic but I suppose that the US strategy will be to release them back to their country (those that they let go) and then declare that those countries are harboring terrorist and then blow up the whole country to get more bang for their buck. And it is strange that America is like why does everybody hate us? I mean we put people in jail for four freaking years for being Arab in the wrong place and then expect them not to be pissed.

We spend four years in a country that they blew up and not made any progress at making it better and then be surprised when "insurgents" come rushing in. I think as Americans we really need to evaluate our values and really ask ourselves are we trying to make it better. If we aren't trying to make it better and are just trying to dominate a reason suck out resources regardless of cost of human life then we need to grow balls and say that. However we will need to be prepared to deal with the consequences.

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