Tuesday, February 20, 2007


CL is an awesome tool for dumping the stuff that you don't need. However if you are driving around peddling your wares then it can cancel out earnings unless you are reselling free stuff. Then it can pay quite well. I suppose. I've made a few bucks off of stuff I got for free.

Currently I'm trapped in this tunnel and taking the time to blog. This is serious traffic. More traffic for a shorter distance. Sucks.

I'm going through DC and observing the homeless. I think of Crystal Water's song, but no one is dancing. I have no right to complain about my bills. My problems pale in comparison to theirs. Driving through New York ave watching active gentrification. The worn faces of those hardend by these cold streets. Around the corner is a small Masjid with no money or help from wealthier communities, but they have love. Alhamdulillah.

Traffic picks up and we all race to wait somewhere else. A mile later we all stop and creep along.

Time passes and I ponder great website ideas, a poetry corner for spoken word. Hmm what would it have that youtube doesn't? Ambiance, maybe if there is such a thing on the web and then what would that do for the internet challenged (dial-up). Maybe that's what I should save up for an internet dish from hughesnet.

There is a guy at my job that makes his own music I like some of it. Pretty cool stuff. Well that's all for now.

Blogging with my Treo... Man I love this thing.

Fight terrorism. Refuse to be afraid.

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