Monday, January 08, 2007

So Many Blogs so little time!

Ok guys I know that I haven't blogged in like forever. It is not like I haven't wanted to it is just my dial up connection is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo frigging slow it takes all the joy out if you know what I mean. My daughter dropped my computer (laptop) and now everything is slow so it may not actually be my internet connection. I have to ask a friend to let me swap out hardrives in his laptop to see if it is my laptop or my motherboard. I talked to the insurance and they said that with my $500 deductible I probably would see all of .50 cents on a two year old top of the line laptop. Grrrr. Anyway gotta lower that deductible.

Dr. Appointment:

Since my wife isn't going to tell you I guess I might as well. My wife's Dr. was so pissed at her. She escaped hospitalized bedrest one more time, but come February if her stitches are still swollen she's going to have to remove them regardless or not if the baby is viable or not (Ouch) and hospitalize her. So she's laying down. Wish I had some extra cash for a in home nurse/maid/babysitter/cook, hmm maybe that's where a second wife would come in handy, but that bridge was burned. Oh well. Later for sleep for me. 2-3 hours should be enough. I did have a nice sister keep her over the weekend. Thanks a million sister. Alhamdulillah for you I don't know what I would do with out you. The hair wrap looks nice to, good job it is very pretty.

Cleaning the lake house:

I am sooo sore, that place was so trashed. It was like a tornado went through there. My back hurts but I only have three rooms left inside of the house to clear before the deep cleaning and painting can begin. I talked to a realtor who said that I could probably get $1200 for the place. I know this other sister that could probably babysit there and make more than that. She's been wanting her own business and I think it would be a great partnership, but again that's another story. At $1200 I'm still at a $600 loss but with home appreciation it would be more than I could save monthly. I think for those who don't have the discipline to save assets that have to be paid are a great way to force you to do so.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Analysis:

Ok I read this book Rich Dad Poor Dad and I have this humongous post that I want to post about the subject but I am seriously lacking on free time to do so. So all I can tell you is to be patient and I will give a full book report and analysis with cross references from the Quran, Sunnah and this anti-Kiyosaki type John T. Reed. So it is all coming down the pike. I suppose that I can publish it little by little but that never works.

Carpal Tunnel:

Yep all that bike riding is having flare up, but I found that the pinched nerve I believe is not in the wrists but in the nerve bundle under my armpits and then it just affects the rest of my arm so that it looks like carpal tunnel, but I'll have to talk to my doctor to know for sure.

Rocky's the Cat:

Rocky well what can I say, He's fat, He lays around a lot and sleeps most of the day. A rather handsome fellow and always makes sure his girls are ok even though they pull his tail and whiskers. Whenever they are upset here he comes running to check on them. He's so funny.


My wife has this friend with a daughter named Fatima and so my 4 year old I guess can't say the "f" so she calls her Safama which we all think is the bees knees. So funny. And so we all can't help but think about Safa everytime she says that.


All I can say is I'm getting pissed OFF ROYALLY about this DH thing. Honestly sister girlfriend based on the second and third hand information from the WNN (Women's news network) I can honestly say that I am truly hurt and upset for you. I don't know why you stand for this you have a network of sisters who span the globe and I honestly think that if you wanted to do anything you could, and be successful at it, be that look for a new dh to opening a business selling beeswax, with your contacts alone you could more than provide for you and your girls. I'm cross blogging but I'm at work and not at liberty to comment directly, so forgive me.

I can't believe he said what he said. I would call his bluff for your safety and that of your girls and son. Child support for that many kids would be spectacular and you could afford to live where ever you wanted to if you so chose to go that route.

Menage a trios:

What!! Just checking if you were listening. LOL.


  1. You tell ur wife to be careful for herself.....I'm so glad she's got this new sister as a friend....I heard they were doing a woogy dance when they read about me having a boy....the screaming reached Egypt! Gotta love that.

    I updated about life again...jeez. Thanks for the words of support. Words said in Anger can never be taken back.....they are always remembered. His choice sucked.

    HAHA on the menage a trois.....NOW THAT WAS FUNNY! Does it keep up ur blog hits?

  2. I read that book a couple of years ago (yes, I am aware I'm not a guy or a parent) but I found some of the advice to be helpful. I'll look for your Islamic perspective.

  3. as salaamu alaikum, subhaanallah What a coincidence, dh has all the audio for this book and was mentioning how I should listen to it for business advice, etc. lol
    btw sakinah take care of urself woman!!!

  4. No my blog hits have severely dropped off. Down to 26ish hits a day. All of my referrers are people who have bookmarked the site, or come from your, Rain, Al-Mayara, or PM's blog. No searches pop for me. I guess there's no more sensual sensationalism so no drama no hits. You have plenty of drama so you get all the hits.

    I wonder why technocrati doesn't list you as a site that links to me? Oh well.

    Ummukatheer: I hope to get a moment to review it before I forget most of it and have to read it again. Not that it was a bad read.

  5. maybe cuz I changed ur name?

  6. That is possible but I doubt it. I think other peeps link to me to. Maybe I'll change it on my wife's site and see.