Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Have you ever noticed that if you have to quick grab something off of the floor of the car, or jot a quick note, or read that exciting chapter of the last paragraph of a book all of the lights are green or are just turning green, but God forbid you have to be somewhere, or are late for work then all of the slowest people in the whole entire world feel the need to get in front of you and you catch all of the red lights. WTF is up with that? Allah knows and I don't.

I say slow people were put in my path to save my life otherwise I would drive 150 mph everywhere I went.


  1. The fastest way to go is slow.......take ur time can't taste the food unless u pause to savour the flavour.......

  2. Food, sex, sight-seeing and other sensual pleasures are to be enjoyed with grace. Getting from A to B is something entirely different. Floor it and enjoy the rush, You only live once, -Red line. :-)

  3. ironically, I was going to post about this same topic a couple of days ago, but could not make way to the computer. Isn't it fustrating, but I have to say I agree... slow people have to be placed there to save our life, it could be know other reason. Allahu Alim.

    Tell S I tried calling her today, to see how her doctor's visit went.

    as salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi