Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Current Atomic Thinking is Off

You will never find a change in the way of Allah. (Surah al-Ahzab, 33: 62)

In our science texts we learn about Bohr's atomic model the model that has been proposed since grade school. However the model is flawed in it's very basic sense. The model states that positive protons and neutral neutrons take up the center of the atom with negative electrons circling the atom at specified valence shells. Protons are positive and electrons are negative. First getting straight into magnetic theory the atoms should collapse in on themselves being that positive and negative attract. If we say that it is not magnetic but a "charge" then it would short out in certain conditions and conduct electricity and it would not remain in it's state as an atom once shorted out. Then there is the theory of mass and magnetic fields which I feel makes more sense, although still not thoroughly understood.

The Mass of the Atom is the Proton planet and the Electrons are the "moons" of the atom just like earth. Neutrons would be the strength of the magnetic pull extending from the Mass of the Proton. Loss of magnetic field would explain electron loss more easily than the convoluted Bohr's atomic model. Think of atoms as planets. Jupiter has 63 moons of which 4 are prominent. These prominent moons are closest to Jupiter and have their orbits. Outside of that are many other moons all of different sizes which also orbit Jupiter. The same can be expressed in understanding atoms. Atoms are the largest mass of a particular element surrounding that element are different electrons of varying sizes. The sizes of the electron moons keep smaller electron moons within the orbit of the main Proton planet. The total of which Proton Planet and Electron moons make up the whole of the atom more or less. The field holding the Electron moons can be altered and varied whereby smaller Electron moons can become dislodged from their Proton planet. Many Proton planets make up Elemental systems which for the most part appear the same when made very dense.

In the case of Molecules there are small Proton planets which are around the same size as larger atoms Electron moons and when brought together bind in the field of Electron moons of the larger Proton planet. This would be true if our planet were suddenly or slowly thrust into Jupiters Neutron gravitational pull. We would no longer orbit the sun we would orbit Jupiter since it is larger and we would become two moons of Jupiter our planet and our moon. To me that makes a whole lot more sense than reinventing the wheel with the current theory of atoms that we have now. Look at this also Protons are more planetary than Bohr's model suggests, when Otto Hahn split the uranium atom and wound up with elements with weights between 30 and 60 there was no zinc or tin as a result what he had was a piece of uranium that was destroyed into two parts. Further if these physicists are to be believed then it would also lead to more credence that Protons are a solid mass. Just thinking outside of the box.

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