Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Divorced Finally

So the divorce went down finally. It is officially official. $5500 later I am now divorced and on the divorced payment plan. I'm sure it will kick in sometime this month. I'm waiting to see what the monthly payment is going to be. There was some talks of reconciliation right up to the end, but as I thought it wasn't going to happen. I wasn't going to be doing the whole Oh baby I'll do anything to make it work (That shit wasn't going to happen) and she wasn't going to do the I'm so sorry I screwed up what ever can I do to work with you thing, not in her character so the divorce followed its natural course, finally.

So here I am divorced and fancy free, and I can say at this point in my life getting married again is NOT on the menu. No more bills for moi. My readership has fallen out of the floor but that is ok. So I will be rebuilding my life from scratch from the ground up. Sadly I have stopped with my morning Quran that I had developed into a habit of. I want to start that back up again. I think I will change the name of my blog to "The Single Polygamist" just for s&g's.

Where am I going from here, Cali. I've been slated to fill a position in Alameda, California and I really can't wait to go. If I didn't have my kids for the summer I would leave in June but as it stands I won't be leaving until August hopefully. I intend to ride my motorcycle across country so it will be an adventure. Looking forward to it. Not so sure I want to leave my camera equipment in the hands of government movers though. I have had quite the growth in photography while I've been alone. I am looking forward to getting a live/work loft when I go out to Cali and start my business. I feel that if I can average about $8k a month in photography then I will exit the Coast Guard in 4 years, but right now the plan is to stay for 10. Do a full 30 and then get out. If the studio is doing well when I get out then I will stay in America if it isn't then I will go to live some place where my money runs long. Doesn't really matter where. Why live in poverty in America when I can live like a king some place else.

So that is what has been going on with me. I'm trying to get ahead now but you know how it is one step forward two steps back. You save, something breaks, unexpected bills, costs expenses. I'm convinced by what the scholars say your Rizk is laid out for you already and whenever you start getting ahead of the Rizk that you have been portioned off you get an unexpected expense. Amazing then there are those things that are your fault though. Like maintenance and health and most importantly Deen. If you don't take care of yourself and your stuff then something is going to break. That is just the way that it is. My hooptie needs more work and then it will be golden. It is better than having a bill. This time when I fix it hopefully it will last another year before fail.

Looking forward to Cali. San Francisco, single, no kids or visitation for large parts of the year. Ohh it should be the bees knees for 4 months until I drive myself crazy missing my kids. I've been doing Project 365 in photography and they are days that I just shoot my kids. I took a great one of Ibrahim the other day. Hopefully I can start posting some here. Well I will. I just need to be disciplined and get them on my iPad. I blog on my iPad because I can update two blogs at once. I haven't checked the stats on the other one but this one the stats are pretty dead.

I registered for class went a couple of weeks and now I think I'm going to drop my classes. I just have too much going on. 2 jobs and kids on the weekend. Plus I'm not feeling it. $1700 down the tubes but I have to drop them no chance of passing now. I've been exhausted and a hundred other excuses but really I'm just not disciplined right now to hold it down. When I get to Cali I expect to be busy too getting the studio up and running. I'm only taking the bare minimum. If I don't need it I don't want it cluttering my life. Hoping to go to Zaytuna as often as possible. Looking forward to that.

Well that is all for today. Life is good.

Oh no wait. I am thinking about writing a book, How it all Ends a Quranic View of the End of the World. I have a theory that our world gets annihilated by a Black Hole. Its in the Quran. Not in black and white but that's the theory. I have to do some research on it.

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  1. Asalamu Alaykom,

    Well, that was one wild ride you went on! To hell and back, I'd say. I knew you when you were convinced that Heaven was through the door of polygyny. Now you know better and I'm glad you were blogging it all for posterity.

    I blogged about my own (mis)adventure in it. That was years ago. I've been over and done with it for years. Alhumdulillah. Time moved on and I moved on with it.

    I hope the same for you.

    Maybe, over years, you will see how all of this really made sense in the big picture. I see that for my own life.


    Keep reading Quran. I strive to read even one verse in the morning. I pray and I read. I try to do this before I talk to anyone---not even the new husband.

    I wish you well, Muhammad. May God be with you, protect you and your children. May God forgive you your faults and may the life of the Prophet (pbuh) help guide you to the straight path.