Monday, February 20, 2006

1000 Words a day

I began writing yesterday but then stopped. I was listening to John Taylor Gatto and he was talking about a generation of writers who had came out of Harvard, and he was saying that people had wondered how they did it and what he was saying was that this freshman class was forced to write a 1000 word essay each day of their freshman year. So that is roughly about 200,000 words. A massive blog if I should say so. He said though that by forcing them to do so caused them to be able to create literary works incredibly fast and of course organize their thoughts. I have begun an experiment with my step daughter. I have her write 100 words a day. She has fallen behind because we got off schedule so now she has some to make up. I think that it is a good practice so I will start by writing in my blog here for probably 15 minutes a day and hopefully making my 1,000 word a day goal.

Lost in flight

So they (Delta or AirTran) lost my bags in CRP (Corpus Christi) Now I am stuck in my funky clothes. So then they have a daily stipend that they allot to customers that this happens to. Are you listening a Whopping $25 semolians. Let me ask you this what article of clothing can you possibly purchase for $25 dollars? If you have a business meeting it would behoove you to carry your backup suite or outfit in a carry on. because if you are tapped out and have to live on a $25 dollar a day clothing stipend then man are you SOL. Jeez. I'm not complaining because I have very basic needs. A trip to Walmart and I will be able to grab some essentials. Faded Glory Jeans $12 (I actually prefer them to the Polo brand) off the rack tee $7, bag of socks $7, pack of boxers $8, and I'm doing pretty good. So the next day is all cash but I will probably need some more jeans and shirts.

Being without your clothes is an inconvience though, or any other knick-knack you may have packed away. At least this prevents me from wiping my harddrive and reloading my laptop. I actually have work that I need to do. Of course procrastination is the root of all thrill seeking. I think that's how we got some of the sports we have today. People waiting until the last minute and then making a contest about how much can get done in the shortest amount of time.

Why do we procrastinate? Man if I only knew I would stop, but it is just so addicting. Putzing -- you hate to love it.

I don't know if this is 1000 words or not (probably not) but I have to go to Walmart buy some clothes and come back and do some real work. Grrrrr.

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